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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Dessert and other Dairy Doings

Hello friends.

Here is what appears to be my weekly post, although I really would like to be one of those overachieving bloggers who posts every day of the week, somehow that just isn't working out for me at this time of year.

Mostly it's because I am too busy in the garden. Plus other various dairy duties call my name.

I found the recipe for the above pie over at the blog run by The Lumberjack's Wife -who's husband is really in sober fact an electrician. But never mind that; go over there and say "hello" to her. Her blog is much more entertaining than mine is.

At any rate, the Chocolate-Lined Strawberry pie is awesome. And easy. Of course my pie is not as picturesque as the photo she had posted, but that's OK. It probably tastes as good.


Today we discovered a heifer has disappeared...just hopped the fence. Gone. Kaput. Who knows? She was imminently due to calve. Hubby says that by now she's either dead or taking care of her calf. We are scanning the skies for buzzards.



Today I picked, shelled, scalded and packed in freezer bags, 10 cups of peas.


Yay me!


The deer have been marauding our gardens here on K Highway. If you happen to drive by and see some kind of bizarre setups out in our garden area, this is why. I will have to photograph and post it...for your entertainment.

My green beans took a serious hit from the deer. We put up our "scare-deer" one night. They left it alone. But then....

The next night the deer trimmed off my mother-in-law's shelly beans AND her sweet potatoes. She was not impressed. But, hey, we said at least we knew our set up was working.


I'll bet Dora the Explorer had no clue that when she taught kids to shout "Salta!" (jump) when leaping over rolling watermelons or hopping from rock to rock, that a 3 year old in the Mid-West would ever be shouting it happily as she jumps over various cow pies on her walk to get the 4-wheeler for daddy.


"I have to jump this poo-poo Mama! Yell; 'Salta!'"


"Oops Ellen, you didn't jump quite far enough over THAT cow pie. Let's go wash your shoe!"

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Anonymous said...

I think yours looks way better than mine!!!! Yum!