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Friday, August 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

This has been the best summer in Missouri since I have been here. Today it's overcast, misty at times and in the 60s. Regular Northcoast weather. This is the first summer here that I will be sad to see end.

Hubby drilled another well this week; 260 feet deep. He is digging the ditches for the lines now. Then he has a couple of other jobs in queue. Seems people are wanting all their projects done before wetter weather gets here. Hubby went to a septic seminar yesterday. He said it was the most boring 8 hours of his life. But now he has credit to go toward his license renewal.

I have 4 calves on the bottle now. One is due to be weaned on Sept 3rd. We have one bull calf up the road to get rid of.

I have canned 30 pints of tomatoes so far. Yay! They haven't done well, but when you have 49 plants you are bound to get SOMETHING!

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Julie said...

You know, I know it's a septic seminar, and just something they have to do, but does mean it absolutely has to be boring? I wonder if the people who give the seminar are bored by it too...and if so, why not try to make it better? I have sat through presentations where they have to impart lots of information and the presenters used humor to make it way less painful.