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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hubby killed one of these in the milk barn this morning. He'd been in there milking for almost 2 hours, then he was hosing around the bricks under the stove (which he's usually taken down for summer)and one of these crawled out. I was just coming down to the barn and saw him come tearing out of there, look for something in his pile of stuff and then go tearing back in with a 4 foot pole. Then WHACK WHACK WHACK.

Have you ever looked at some of the pictures of copperhead bites? Nasty stuff.

No wonder I am paranoid when Ellen is outside.


insideoutput said...

This must be the "before" the "whack-whack-whack," huh?

Calfkeeper said...

yeah, after the whack-whack-whack there's not much left of the head.