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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake

It's been too long since I have posted. But here's a pic of my latest accomplishment. Actually I have made this cake before, but have never had it turn out this nice. Usually when I make a peanut butter anything it turns out too dry and crumbly, but I added an extra egg to the recipe and it turned out much better. It's peanut butter and jelly cake (the orig recipe called for grape jelly as the filling, but I used strawberry jam) with peanut butter frosting; all from scratch. If anyone is interested in the recipe I will post it, just let me know.
Other news:
We got more peaches from aunt, but I froze them this time.
We've got two new heifer calves; both are doing well so far, which is a blessing. The second blind one I mentioned in an earlier post is actually only blind in one eye, and I think that is getting better. So that is great news too.
Husband built a porch for our back door this past week. It is really nice.
Ellen has reached the stage of throwing her plate of food on the floor when she's mad. Usually she's really good about handing it to us when she is done, but sometimes she gets upset and drops it over the side. I guess they all do that at one time or another.
We have a new dairy inspector; she's only 27 but seems really nice. We are just waiting to see if she is going to come every other month like her trainer did, or every 6 months like our regular inspector did. Hubby says things won't have a chance to get too dirty if she comes more often.

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Amrita said...

Oh dear this is simply scrumtios. i love peanut butter and i make my own. When i visit you please make this cake for me...don 't forget.