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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Original Blind Calf

Here is a picture of the original blind calf from last August. She appears healthy enough and is fat and sassy, but if you look at her eyes you can see she has what appear to be gray cataracts.

Every time she gets a wound of some kind it seems to get infected, so I think her immune system was compromised. I am dreading what might happen when she gets dehorned, but so far she seems to have fought off any serious illness.
Hubby keeps saying he is going to try and slip her into a batch of calves we are going to sell, but he hasn't decided to sell any yet.


Amrita said...

So sad to see the blind calf, can she be treated?

Calfkeeper said...

There really isn't any treatment that we know of. She may recover on her own. So far she is doing fairly well; getting stronger every day.