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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Budget

Just an interesting note.

Last month in-laws went on a tour of Amish country up north of us. They brought back a copy of the Amish-Mennonite newspaper. It is published weekly and is a way for them to all keep in contact with each other. Every week each participating settlement sends in a letter that is published. They talk about their gardens, births, deaths, accidents, special events, barbecues...etc. It is fun to read because some of them are hilarious in what they chat about. One person told about how they have some 150 pairs of purple martins nesting on the place and how one has to be careful not to stand in the ummm...line of it were, when one of the birds is coming in for a landing. Apparently someone wasn't careful enough and got splatted.
Then someone else wrote about how a kid got chased up a tree by a rutting buck. Another detailed how they were flooded out during the big rainstorms up north.
Surprisingly enough they do quite a bit of traveling; some talked about trips across country or how relatives visited Australia or Belize.
It is rather sad, though, to read about their accidents; buggies getting hit by cars, or how their horses get wild and throw them, run off the road or otherwise create havoc.
Reading this paper gives one an interesting glimpse into a different way of life.


Amrita said...

I like the Amish realxed and peaceful and community oriented.

Calfkeeper said...

well, I dunno how relaxed they are; they always seem to be busy. But certainly they are much more community and family oriented than most folks are these days.