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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Sayings

Hubby was on a roll last night in the milk barn giving me more of these country sayings.

More chicken sayings:

* Couldn't afford a setting hen. (Something you say about someone who brags about how much they have or what all they are going to do with their money.)

* Scarce as hen's teeth. (This is a pretty common saying, I think)

* I'd go scratch (insert expletive-if you are of that bent) with the chickens before I went back to that job.

On being stingy:

* Tight as bark on a tree

* So tight his hindend (change to your choice of expletive) would hold coal oil (kerosene I believe)

In general:

* So sour it'd make a pig squeal.

* It'd stink a dog off a gut wagon.

* So spoiled that salt wouldn't save her. (About kids in general.)

Here is a copy of my response to a comment someone left yesterday on my blind calf blog post from back in August:

Iris-no we didn't treat the calf for anything for the blindness; just took the wait and see response. Really, I don't know what we could have done. At any rate she is still quite alive, though she has developed what appear to be cataracts on both eyes-there are white spots in the iris. But she sees because she will flinch when you make a quick movement to her face.She was actually born sighted, I believe. At least we didn't notice anything out of the ordinary like you described. It, your case, sounds really strange-that the eyes are an opaque green.Good luck. Let me know what happens.


Amrita said...

Love those sayings CF

C said...

LOL! LOVE those farm sayings! My Hubby comes up with some pretty good ones too and they just crack me up! My husband's certainly got some sayings that I have NEVER heard of in the city! LOL

Calfkeeper said...

Yes, sayings in the country tend to be really colorful. You never know what will come up next.