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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Monday Post...

Just some random thoughts.

The weather has been up and down the past few days; ice, snow, sleet, sun, wind...a bit of everything. Last week schools were closed 4 days because of ice. The only way this affects the dairy is that when I make my runs up the road to do the graining in the early AM there aren't any kids out by the side of the road waiting for the school bus. Not that I have anything against them; I don't know them at all, but I feel like an idiot on parade going back and forth on the 4-wheeler, waving to them. At one place the parents take the kids to the bus stop in the car/truck and sit and wait. And that doesn't really bug me either much except for the fact that they only see me in my grungy chore clothes, never in anything nice. Also, I have started calling the 4-wheeler "Cyclops" because one headlight is out, so I feel even more stupid.

I was raised to watch my language, and as a Christian I don't have a problem with not swearing, even in my thoughts. I never have really, even when I worked in a jail where most everyone from inmates to co-workers swore like sailors. But occasionally I have lapses.

Yesterday morning I was doing my usual chores, one of which is simply to go close the gate on the cows in the holding corral. The corral is "L" shaped, the top of the "L" being where they go into the milk barn for milking and the toe of the "L" being where they tend to congretate and annoy my husband because they won't go into the milk barn and he has to chase them around. So I go close the gate to get them out of the "L", changing the "L" to a regular box shaped corral. So anyway, yesterday I went to close the gate and there was one beast (there usually always is) that wouldn't move, so I smacked it on the butt with my hand, always, ALWAYS being careful to stay out of kicking range. It just stood there and looked around at me; I smacked it again and it finally moved off and I closed the gate. But as I did so I noticed something and then thought: "Oh, #*%&*, that critter doesn't have an udder between HIS legs, that's the BULL!" And there I was smacking him around like he was just a common cow. *sigh*

It is always best to give dairy bulls a lot of leeway; they are killers, no matter how tame they may seem. The tamer they are the more unpredictable they are. You never know when they are going to go off on you, and they don't really even have to be mad, just annoyed, but one swing of that head and you've got a few broken ribs or a ruptured liver.

Anyway. I will get back to finishing the virtual tour here in a day or so, bear with me.


Anonymous said...

I have always been afraid of bulls & I was never sure if I was just being stupid or if there was really good reason to be......good to know my instincts are correct!!

Anonymous said...

As a Christian I don't swear now either, but when I was growing up(far from the church) my whole family used "colorful" language. Several years ago I was traveling with my husband when a tornado dropped out of the clouds right in our path. I said *#*^! My BH looked over calmly and said, "Now you are going to die with that word on your lips." Great! Sue

Calfkeeper said...

yeah, supposedly beef bulls are "tamer" than dairy bulls; at least that is what I have heard, but I wouldn't trust them.

Swearing has never been one of my hangups, but yep, occasionally they slip out. ha.