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Friday, February 22, 2008

Iced in and no batteries...

Such is life.

My rechargeable batteries for the camera went kaput; or else it's the charger that won't work, I don't have any AA batteries on hand. So, there goes posting any more recent pics for least until I can get to the store and get some.

Oh, well.

What has been going on here? It's icy. Well, yesterday we had a day of sleet, which partially melted and refroze, leaving a sheet of cement/ice that requires great care to walk on; especially if you are carrying a child.

It-the sleet-didn't start 'til mid-morning, so husband and I were able to do some fetching and hauling.

On Wed evening hubby came home and noticed a calf up to the dry cow pen. Then when he put hay out Thur (yest) AM he saw another cow up there calving. So we waited a while then went up and checked out the situation.

Yep. Two healthy calves. Unfortunately the first calf was a bull. Why "unfortunately?" He was another little red calf. I think his mom came from the bull that had red Holstein in his bloodlines. The second calf was a cute little blk/white heifer.

So we went up and fetched 'em back to the barn here. This involved taking the 4-wheeler with the calf cart, putting one calf in, towing it back to the corral w/ Mama Cow following closely behind, then chasing her into the corral. Then we put them both in the trailer, take them back to the barn, go back and do the whole process all over again. Effective, but time consuming. Ellen stayed with Grandma during the whole ordeal.

There is at least one more dry cow up there that looks like getting close to calving. Sure wish it'd warm up before she does.

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Sounds like ya are busy!

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