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Friday, March 9, 2018

A Dairy Entry

I need to be posting more dairy stuff.  Here goes...

It is March.  And March frequently means high winds.  We have had two bouts of high winds here, both of which ended in dead trees across the same fence.

The first time a neighbor stopped in and told me we had two cows out up the road.  We went up there and sure enough, farther down the road between the bull/heifer field and the dry cow field there was a tree across the fence.  Why only TWO of the 18 of them got out we will never know but will be ever grateful for.  We got them back into their field and Gary got the fence fixed.

Then 2-3 days ago it happened AGAIN, except Gary happened to be up there and caught it BEFORE any animals escaped.  You can see them gathering at the fence on the left.

Here they are inspecting his repair job.  They are quick to spot anything new and take advantage to go exploring.

While I was up there I snapped a shot of the Wally twins.  They are never far from each other.  And they are both pains in the butt.  Number 207 is pushier than her sister 206, but they are both ornery.

Thankful: Hubby being on the spot and finding the downed tree before any animals got out. 

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