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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Random Photos

Here are a few shots of various scenes around the dairy here.  I haven't posted many pictures lately on here so here goes.

Back in October.  This hickory to the east of the milk barn likes to put on a fall show; especially in the evenings as in this shot.

Fall means cooler weather; so off we go to get firewood.  Here is the dairy farmer himself, ripping into this limb. 

This sycamore fascinated me with its wet bright green trunk; the peeled white part sets it off.  Plus the smaller limb growing straight up looks like a separate tree in the background.

In October I found this box turtle fairly freshly dead; just lying on the ground by a stump.  I took it and wedged it into the fork of this tree.  About 4 or 5 days later the shell was back on the ground and quite empty except for a few tiny bones.  I picked it up and wedged it back in to place. 

Heifers happily eating their breakfast. 

Finally; Bella, the happy dairy doggy!
This appears to be a Native American marker tree; but surely it's not old enough to be sitch.

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