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Friday, November 17, 2017

Back Again

Our old laptop crashed a month or so ago and this new laptop wouldn't let me log into Google.  Then when I figured out what I needed to do (clear the history) and did it, Google itself wouldn't let me log in.  For some reason, way back when I created this account I was trying to be all stealthy and private and didn't use a real name for the account.  So I have no idea what my name actually is on this blog. 


But after much finagling around I figured out the email I use for this blog and the log in.  Those two have been inscribed in permanent ink in a place I will see frequently; lest I forget it again, or the computer or laptop crash again. 

So now that I have access I shall attempt to remember stories and happenings and enter them here forthwith.

Yes, I shall.

1 comment:

jel said...

I know what you mean!
see ya sunday