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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another Mom-ism

As much as she is able she tries to keep in contact with family and friends from California.  She does, when prompted, remember names and situations.

For instance; at the senior living apartment complex she'd lived in for so long there were a few neighbors she became friends with, or otherwise was acquainted with.  She does remember them and ask about them from time to time.  The apartment manager, Doris, has written her a couple of letters and kept in touch; which is very sweet.  There was one man there who was friendly, but irritating, that she remembers; Brad.  He had Parkinson's Disease, I believe, though don't quote me on that one.  He was in a wheelchair, but could use a lift to get into his truck and hold a part-time job, I think.  Or he volunteered, I am not for sure.  Anyway. 

A couple weeks ago Mom got a letter from Doris saying that Brad was in really bad shape and was waiting for a referral from his doc to be admitted into a care facility. 

Mom:  "Oh, that's too bad, I didn't know anything was wrong with him, except for what was wrong with him."

This also struck me as funny.  How could she know what was wrong with him until Doris told her?  I don't know.  She is just funny.  Sometimes I can't help but laugh; (as long as it's appropriate) and mom will laugh along.  Still cheery as ever.

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