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Thursday, September 15, 2011

"He has a key."

OK So remember the post before the pallet post, just two posts down? Remember?

Tonight as Ellen and I were walking down to get the 4-wheeler just out of the blue she says; "He has a key."

Me, rather bewildered: "What?"

Ellen: "The bull has a key to open the cow. I think he opens her back."

Me, starting to catch on: "Why does he need to open the cow?"

Ellen, with a sigh at my density: "So he can put in the seed in. The seed to make a calf."

Me, trying not to giggle: "Oh."

And that's where I left it because if I started trying to explain she'd want to see things for herself and we haven't gone beyond where we were at the last discussion. And it has been a long day and I didn't feel up to discussing penises.

What I really need her to understand is how to wipe herself after using the potty, and how to not get both legs into the same underwear hole when dressing herself and practical things like that; not bovine reproduction.

But it goes to show that the discussion is never over with...she is pondering these things whether or not I am ready for them. And I think Donna up north of me is correct; Ellen is going to come out with this stuff in Sunday School or standing in line at the grocery store or somewhere else inconvenient.

Stay tuned...


Donna. W said...

It's what happens when you raise a child on the farm. It's inevitable. Kids in town don't see these things. Before we moved to the city, my mother did her level best to keep me away from cows and pigs at breeding time. I guess she didn't want to have to explain.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I didnt grow up on a farm, but we sure did have a lot of animals. Our cats & dogs were always spayed & neutered but the tortoises are extremely sexually active. Its amazing to me that they are nearly extinct. I think my mom explained to me when I was 6 or 7, but I dont recall the explanation. In the future, if the topic of sex ever came up my mom always referred back to those tortoises. Lol