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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Got about 3 inches last night. I don't have any pics of it. I am sure you have seen pictures of snow before. I put the little snowy heifer as my title picture. She's pretty cute. That was from the snow last week. Don't feel sorry for this heifer; she's got shelter she could get in to if she so desired.

Today we went down and got a close-to-calving heifer and brought her up with the dairy herd. You should have seen how frisky all the cows were. They were hopping around, snorting, tossing their heads, kicking up their heels. Just like kids on a snow day. They love the snow, as long as the temps don't get below zero, they do just fine.

Ellen hasn't clamored for a snowman this time. But when it melts enough to get sticky we'll try to build a big one.

Ellen has 2 imaginary friends now; Johnno and Jaynno. I hope you can figure out how to pronounce them from my spelling. My child WOULD choose unspell-able names for her imaginary friends. John-oh and Jane-oh. Why, I don't know. When she's playing with her little doll house, she calls the baby Clementine. Presumably she gets that from the song. At any rate it's hilarious to listen to her talking to her friends.

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The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I love listening to my kids play! Always hilarious!