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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Little Artist

Here's the lastest photo of Ellen, and her artwork to boot. I think she does a great job for not quite 4 years old. I need to get her to do stuff like this on paper, so I can put it in an album for her later on. But she loves to draw on her dry erase board.

Allow me to interpret. This is a farm scene. You can tell the barn in the center.

The top square in the barn is the feed box. (She has seen the feed truck putting feed into the top of the milk barn.)

Lower righthand square is the animal bed.

Lower lefthand square is the hen house. (We do not have chickens, but in every kid's book that has a barn depicted there's usually chickens in the hay somewhere in the barn.)

The mini silo is off to the left. (We do not have a silo, but she's seen plenty in our jaunts around the area.)

Wavy grass at the bottom.

To the right is a brown goat. Note the horns. (I was pretty impressed with the goat. This is the first picture of an animal she has ever attempted to do. We do not have goats, but for some reason she put one in her farm picture.)

A winking sun up top completes the picture. (She has just recently learned to make curved lines for mouths, used to be it was just an expressionless slash. Now, however, she will occasionally make an open-mouthed smile.)

Oh, and she has a doorknob on the righthand side of the barn, you can just barely see it.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I think it is good! My son will be four in March and he would not draw like that at all! :)

Frau Guten Tag said...

That is truly impressive! I say definitely keep encouraging her in this area, since she shows so much natural talent in it.

Calfkeeper said...

Thank you ladies. Yes, I let her do as much art stuff as she wishes. From the time she could hold a pencil or pen she was wanting to make marks on paper. While we were out doing chores in the milk barn I'd give her an old Reader's Digest and a pen and let her have at it. (Of course the playpen got drawn on, too, but it's pretty funky by now anyway.)

moe said...

Aw, I love kid art. Did you ask her to tell you what all the things were, or are you assuming? I've learned the hard way to praise generically. For example "fabulous goat and winking sun and wavy grass" may well get you the answer that is is a GOAT A SPIDER AND WAVES.....

Calfkeeper said...

haha...Moe, oh yes, we learned the hard way, quite early on, to ask before assuming. Much of it she told me BEFORE she drew it.