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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

We had a great Christmas. Ellen made out like a bandit, as usual. She was funny this year. For some reason she didn't champ at the bit to open her presents; she'd just ask me which ones were hers, then she'd look at them and then leave them alone.

Christmas morning, Gary came straight into the house from the barn with us. He told her we were going to open our present.

Ellen held up her hands and said: (and I quote verbatim) "But wait, we need to eat breakfast first."

So we delayed the gift opening for an hour; per a 3 year old's wishes. Go figure! So far the gifts she plays with the most are a little toy cell phone from my mother and the little pup-type tent that Gary got for her. We have it set up in her bedroom.

We had Christmas dinner here, as usual. I got out my pickled okra and let everyone try it. They all liked it. Gary said when I first told him I was going to make some pickled okra this past summer, he thought I was wasting my time and supplies. But even HE likes it. I think this coming year I will try a spicier recipe; put a teeny bit of hot pepper in it. It's something different to put on the table...and easy to do as well.


This morning we had a storm come through and dump some rain on us. But mid-morning it cleared up and the sun came out. It was still windy but Ellen wanted to go outside and fly her kite.

This kite is a little foil butterfly about 2 inches wide, maybe. It has a long tail running from each wing. Surprisingly enough it flies really well. We got it up there to the end of its 40 feet of string.


jel said...

happy new year!

that was some storm we had this morning

Donna. W said...

Happy New Year. We got a morning rainstorm here, too. Thank goodness no tornadoes, like some parts of the country.

Frau Guten Tag said...

Flying a kite is a big dream of mine, one of these days I want to get one (or make one) & go fly it. Some day, some day.....but I truly have NEVER flown (or even owned) a kite in my whole life.