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Friday, December 10, 2010

Always An Adventure

Also known as AAA.

This is what I ought to have named this blog.

Anyway. Today I drove the dozer again. Had to tow some sort of something that hubby was working on from down by the sawmill up to front area.

The last time I did this one of hubby's friends was astounded at my obliging attitude about doing such things. His atonishment kind of puzzles me; but then again his wife isn't as adventurous as I seem to be.

So, because of such surprise reactions, here is a blog on having an adventure, helping hubby and how such things can be so fun and easy.

Like I posted before, driving this dozer IS easy. Here is a horrible picture of me at the helm:

Here is the view from the driver's seat:

Here are the main controls:

This inverted "V" concept is rather simple, but can be confusing. To go forward you pull the knob down to the right; the further down you pull the faster forward you go. To stop you just return the knob to the top of the "V." To go backwards you pull the knob down to the left. The fun thing is that you can go from forward to backward in one movement, you don't have to stop at the top of the "V." The knob to the far left is actually the throttle, it's currently in the neutral position, if that's a legit term for it.

Here, in my milk-sloshed chore shoes, I am steering to the right:

Yes, you steer with your feet. Push right, turn right. Push left, turn left. It feels strange not having a steering wheel, and it's even stranger to feel the thing turn when you aren't going forward much.

Now see, it's fun and easy to help out occasionally. OK, ladies. Next opportunity you have, drag your guy off to a farm show and tell him you want a bulldozer for your anniversary, or birthday, or whatever.

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Frau Guten Tag said...

kudos to you on being brave & learning something new &helping your hubby; I think I'd be willing to learn it too, if I was in that position