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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Where are the Germans?"

As is her wont, Ellen nearly made me pass out from trying not to laugh at her today.

I was making a cake...a German chocolate cake.

She looked into the bowl of cake mix, eggs, oil and water and asked the above question.

When I told hubby later he laughed and told her they were in Germany.

I got a bit more creative. At the time I told her they were in the cake mix powder somewhere. hahaha...

After all if there are fruit and nuts in a fruit and nut chocolate bar, and there's milk in a milk chocolate bar, why can't there be Germans in a German chocolate cake?


All right. I know, it's on the same level as; there's no baby in a bottle of baby oil.

But it's lots more fun to think like that than to be practical.


Grammy said...

Ha, just too funny! She reminds me of the "Amelia Bedelia" books and the maid who took everything said literally. (I am a retired elementary school librarian and the kids absolutely loved those books.) You should check some out of the library and read to her. Best regards to you. Ruby

Calfkeeper said...

Yes, I have heard of ol' Amelia Bedelia, but haven't checked any out for her yet. Maybe I ought to. Thanks for stopping by.

Frau Guten Tag said...

They're hiding in the coconut!

The next time I eat french toast I'm gonna be chuckling to myself & looking for the French!!