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Saturday, September 12, 2009

So I'm a softie...

It often gets me into all kinds of trouble.

This morning on the way back from feeding the cows up the road I spy something weird in the middle of the road. I straddle it with the 4-wheeler and then back up. It looked like a little rodent; gerbil or hamster. Nope. It was a kitten. I scooped it up and came home. Showed it to hubby. He says, "Were there others?" I honestly didn't even think about it. Went back. Yep, one more.

So now I have 2 week old kittens to raise. Ellen loves them.

Would anyone like them? I'll throw in the milk replacer and the bottle for free.


jel said...

give one to aunt k and one to your sis-in-law down the road :)

Unknown said...

You ARE a softie!! So am I though! That would be why we ended up with a barn full of kittens and other people's cats! No doubt the stray cats had to come from someone else's home or farm.

I guess I *will* end up as the cat lady!

I love this post, btw! I'm sure Ellen is in love with the kittens. Who can resist adorable little fur balls!?