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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been so long since I have blogged. I feel out of practice. I have had trouble logging in the past couple of times so I just backed out of it.

Today hubby and I took off to Springfield and took Ellen to the zoo. We got rained on a bit, but still had a good time. I think Ellen liked feeding the fish the best. They have this huge pool with bridges and such, with enormous carp swimming around. They hear the little feed dispenser clicking and they come swimming up to the side there. Ellen didn't want to get TOO close to them, so she'd toss the feed pellets from a ways back. But she'd giggle to watch them with their pink mouths gaping above the water. Then this spoon-billed pelican had to get in on the act. He wouldn't eat the pellets, but the fish swam a distance away from him, though they were much too big for him to scarf down.

While it rained we took shelter in a little lean-to like structure in front of the tiger paddock. It made me think of "Jurassic Park" and I was thankful that we weren't in front of the T-Rex paddock. Ha!

We petted the goats a bit, though Ellen wouldn't have anything to do with them. And we said hello to the giraffes, but were too cheap to buy food to feed them.

One of the elephants decided to put on a show for us by trying to tear down a tree branch near its pen. Apparently they don't keep elephants in there much, else the tree would have been pruned much sooner than this.

My favorites are those humongous tortoises, from some island off the coast of India I believe. I should've got a pic of them. Hubby says he's glad none of them live around here because they'd really mess up your car if you accidentally hit them while driving down the road. Much to my delight one of them actually picked itself up and lumbered along for about 6 feet. They look like they are made out of some sort of plastic.

Once again I was disappointed because the kookaburras didn't laugh for us. Maybe next time.

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jel said...

hope she had a good time! :)