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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Burn. Down. The. House.

Today started off as a productive day; a little yard work, a little repair work up at my mom's know.  Then a bit of random house work planned. 

Well, in the middle of the house work, as I was piddling around in the kitchen, Ellen wants to take Bella for a bit of a walk and then bring her in the house. I figure; sure, we hadn't played with her yet today.  Why not?

So in Bella came:

Every dog needs a set of bee antenna; right?

So Ellen played a bit with her, I made some laundry soap....etc.


I noticed something:

I looked closer.  On the floor, which I hadn't swept or mopped yet due to the coming and going, red smears.  Red smears of blood.


I inspected the dog's paws.  They were fine.

Then I looked closer AGAIN at the floor.

Huh?  There were little black seeds all over the floor.  Hundreds of little black seeds all over the floor.

I got the broom and started sweeping them up.  But kept seeing more and more blood smears.


I looked EVEN closer.

The black seeds were MOVING!


Seed ticks.

Bella was shedding SEED TICKS! 

Day before yesterday we'd taken her to the garden where she'd plundered in the weeds along the fence to her furry heart's delight. 

Now, this morning she was shedding engorged seed ticks and with every step we took we were popping them and smearing dog blood all over my kitchen and living room floor!


To make a long story short:

Bella is back in her kennel; treated.

It still reeks of bleach in the house.

The End.

(What?  You think I should have a blessing to be thankful for here?  Hmmm....  I am thankful that Bella didn't get into the rooms with carpeting.  I am thankful for bleach.  I am thankful for friends to laugh with me.  There.  Done!)

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