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Friday, October 14, 2016

Whee, What a Day...

Actually, all in all, it was a good day.  Fridays are always shopping day.  Taking my mom into town to go shopping is always an adventure.  She is like a kid.  But I have become used to it; I find the humor and enjoy laughing with my mom.


Gary has been getting in our supply of hay for the winter.  He did bale some a few weeks ago, but he has had to search around to get enough to last all winter.

Last week he went over to L--- to look at some.  He said they were 4x6s, which are large, but manageable, and will last a couple of days up the road at the dry cows or heifer lots. 

He asked to have them delivered; I believe from 2 different farms, but the same driver.  Earlier this week the driver brought 2 loads; no problems at all. 

Then today he brought a 3rd from a different farm. 

Major problems.  The hay wasn't what Gary had seen and inspected when he was there.  It was the same size but was super wet and heavy.  I'd walked by it and it already smelled sour.

About the 3rd or 4th bale of hay was so heavy it broke a hose.  Gary did not have a replacement on hand so he and the driver went into town and got a new hose.  After he got it installed, an hour or so later, and went back to unloading, the very next bale of hay broke the hay spike completely off.  So he just paid the driver for his time and asked him to take the hay back where it came from.  He figures they hay will be rotten by the time he gets ready to put it out anyway.

So now  he has to not only find more, better hay, but also repair his hay spike somehow. 

That was this morning.

This evening I was just running water to wash dishes, Gary was just getting the cows in to milk and a neighbor calls and tells us a cow is out up the road.

When we get up there it's not *A* cow; it's about 6-7 out of 11 of our dry cow bunch! 

The story in a nutshell on that one is:  I'd left the gate open this AM when I'd grained them and it took them from 7:30 am to 5 pm to discover it. 

But a bucket of feed got them all back where they belonged. 

(Thankful for the problems we have and that the Lord provides a way to fix them.  Thankful for a husband who loves tinkering with things and fixing them.  Thankful that cows love their feed and will come back into their pasture to get some of it.)

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