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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whee...yet more

I certainly have a way to go, don't I?  Let's see, I've got 120 so far, that makes only...eeek!  Lots more to go.

919 the wren nest out in the milk barn
918 A church that sings hymns
917 Hollyhock seeds that sprouted after a storage of 7-8 yrs
916 A debt-free life
915 Thunder clouds seen from an airplane

914 Toilet paper

913 An empty tomb and all it signifies

912 The in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, without which I'd be lost

911 Pepper seeds sprouting...yay! They are notorious for NOT sprouting. But I soaked them 24 hrs before planting them.

910 Jointed Teddy Bears
909 Betty Scurlock's chocolate peanut clusters.
908 Bella pulling Ellen's sled in the snow
907 Paper dolls
906 Real frosting on a fake Valentine's cupcake box
905 A glass cherry to top it off
904 Scarf blowing in the breeze
903 The glass barometer
902 Wing imprints in the snow
901 Hearing the 1st peeper sounding in late winter
900 Sprouting green bean umbrellas in the garden in spring
899 Melted chocolate on toasted marshmallows (who needs graham crackers)
898 Ellen -who wrote her name on my handwritten list on the counter ha
897 The smell of a used-book store
896 Rose buds in spring
895 Kittens
894 A grown cat romping like a kitten
893 New pencils
892 playing games with family
891 Vanilla lattes
890 Juicy red-ripe watermelons
889 Ellen's beauty mark in her right cheek
888 Sand dollars
887 Sea shells
886 A good cup of coffee
885 with cream
884 Ice patterns on the pond
883 Graham crackers and milk
882 An owl hooting at dawn
881 The chitter of tree frogs in summer
880 Gilligan's Island re-runs such silliness!

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