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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facts and Frustrations

Here is my once-monthly blog entry. Really, I DO mean to blog more often, but somehow it just gets pushed to the wayside. I really need to update the photo too. Well, that will have to wait as well.

Above please see Ellen and her newest buddy; the only other little girl in the pre-school VBS class.

Fact: In 2 days we, Ellen and I, are flying out of MO and back to CA for a 2 week visit.

Fact: Last week was Vacation Bible School at church. I am still frazzled from that.

Fact: In the 2 weeks before and the week of VBS I get nothing done but the very basics.

Fact: Now I needs must do cleaning, cook lots of food to sustain my husband in the 18 days I am gone, because he won't go shopping or do any major food prep by himself, and try and prep my garden for my absence as well.

Fact: The weeds are taking over my garden.

Fact: I will not be here when the peas need harvesting.

Fact: I need to tie up my tomatoes.

Fact: Oh, yes. I have to pack for both Ellen and myself.

Any more facts and I really will get stressed.

Like: Fact; the flight from SGF goes through Chicago. I have never been to Chicago. I will probably get lost and miss the connection. Let us pray that doesn't happen.

Frustration: Why oh WHY do parents see fit to send their snot-nosed kids (or maybe the parents themselves) to VBS? Now Ellen is sneezing and her nose is running, 3 days before we leave.

Frustration: My family on the west coast only gets to see Ellen 2 weeks once a year. Last year and this year she will have been sick. They never get to see her when she is well and not cranky.

Frustration: Why am I wasting time on here when I ought to be doing all the myriad things I need to be doing to get ready to go? I dunno. Maybe a break is a good thing. :)

I still have tater salad to make, chicken to fry, a chocolate oatmeal cake to bake, eggs to double (devil, to someone who may not know Ellen-speak.), clothes to fold, luggage to find, clothes to sort....the list never ends.

It's all good. I can do this.

1 comment:

jel said...

now don't ya feel better! get that all out :)

hope Ellen gets to feeling better!
hope y a have a safe trip and good one to!

I thought he would just go down to Mom's and she would cook for him! :)