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Friday, May 6, 2011

This and That has been quite a while since I have checked in here. This is not good. This is bad. I was going to be better at blogging in 2011.



The news for the past almost-month....

The bull with the milking herd has started pulling capers. He did last week anyway; bellowing and pawing around while hubby is trying to do the round up. It freaks me out every time hubby has to go out and deal with him. If he shows any more attitude; the bull, not the husband, he will be taken to the sale barn post haste.

Yesterday the sale barn in Lebanon had a grand opening, with new owners. We went to their free barbecue. It wasn't too bad, though we had to park way down the highway and walk. Ellen liked the goats and the pigs. Actually she only really cared about the pigs. This is one of those rare times I actually get to eat out. What meal isn't bettered by following it up with the scent of billy goats, pigs and cow exhaust? Ha ha.

After we got home yesterday Ellen got her big stuffed lamb (pictured above), and a long pencil and conducted her own livestock sale.

The above lamb was given to her by our tenant, who was tired of having it around the house. I can see why. It sheds like you would not believe. Ellen insisted on taking it to church a week or 2 ago. My black skirt was covered in fake lamb hair.

We haven't had any new calves in quite a while. No one expecting any time soon either.

Hubby almost has new pasture fit to run the calves in. We are praying none of them get out. Time will tell.

And yes, yes folks. As you can tell by the picture, Ellen does still suck her thumb. She only does this when she is tired. She will cuddle her doll or something stuffed and lovable, and suck her thumb. I am praying that going to school will mature her out of that. Maybe peer pressure will do the trick.


jel said...

put a live saver on her thumb!

hope ya have a happy Mom's day

WooHoo ya got to eat at the salebarn! :)

Taylor said...

The livestock sale was really cute!

My girls sucked their thumbs and were die hards about it. I tried everything. Trust me.

When my oldest was in kindergarten, I was afraid she would get teased, so I heard about this stuff:

If that link doesn't work, the stuff is called Mavala and you can find it at Amazon.

I promise you, it worked. And my girls were really hardcore.

Calfkeeper said...

jel-haha you are funny. Yes, we got to eat at the sale barn! I lead of life of total excitement!

Taylor-thanks for the link and the idea. I will have to look into it. Can't have a thumbsucker in kindergarten. I was hardcore too, but I quit when I started school.

Frau Guten Tag said...

haha, I find it so entertaining to see the things little ones do when they are tired that comfort them. Joseph caresses the eyeballs on his teddy bear, LOL, & he will occasionally say "eyeball" while he's doing it, it cracks me up.