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Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Dairy Beginning

Welcome. Welcome to my blog. It has its beginning in the many emails I have sent to family and friends relating tales of my adventures on the dairy here. Some folks have been amused enough to say that I ought to send them in to some newspaper or periodical to be published. I am generally not good at shameless self promotion or else I might try, certainly our local newspaper could use some wit in the agricultural section, however I am not sure about my self discipline to do such. Therefore I am starting this blog to see if I can discipline myself to keep up with it. Certainly this cannot be daily blog as I am not daily on the computer, but I will try and keep it close to being weekly, perhaps; or twice monthly, or monthly…or whenever I get a chance. Ha.

As to content; I plan on concentrating less on clinical dairy information and more on my own thoughts, experiences and various other happenings here on the dairy and in the country. At this point I have only been here on the dairy for a bit less than 3 years so I have some grist for the mill here, as it were. I shall try and relate things in sequential order; going back in time and telling tales from the past. I hope to make it interesting and worth coming back to read. Please feel free to comment, complain or commend. Have fun.

Before I close this entry I would like to answer a couple of questions. One a friend from the city asked and one I ran across in a joke book.

Do brown cows give chocolate milk?
We don’t have brown cows, so I dunno if they give chocolate milk or not. However, let me expound a bit on the subject. I have seen our black and white Holsteins give out the prettiest pink milk you’ve ever seen, but I have not been tempted to taste it and see if it tastes like strawberry milk. So, if any of our cows start to give out what looks like chocolate milk I’d be hesitant to try it to see if it is chocolate flavored or not. If there is anyone who would like to try, please let me know, I will preserve said fluid until you can get here to sample it.

When a cow laughs, does milk come out her nose?
A bovine emits a great variety of sounds from either end and can be quite creative with her vocalizations and emissions; however, I have yet to hear one laugh. If I ever do I shall run straight over and check to see if milk is dripping from her nose.

Any other questions, just ask.

Thanks for visiting.


Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Good luck with your new blog. I also recently began a blog called "Common Sense Agriculture, Conservation and Energy" that can be viewed at If you are interested in agriculture and would like to be included on an agriculture blogroll let me know in the comments.

Calfkeeper said...

Thank you panhandle. Sorry for the delay. Yes, please, add me to your blogroll.


D. said...

what a delight to read....I laughed so hard...

I remember living in MO..and trying to get directions to somewhere...I never knew so many places could be "over yonder".......(this didn't bother my husband cause he was from way over yonder in Tenn.)I shall be back...

I don'tknow if I dare ask how you met your beloved while living in story was Tenn and Colorado...